14.   Cheating Death (A True Story)

This is A True Life Story of a Medical Representative who got into a bus in which attackers were also sitting as passengers. He was waiting for his friend to come so that they can go together back home after work. Did he survive the beheading that happened on that doomed bus just an hour later?

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13.   About To Crash (A True Story)

This is A True Life Story of a pilot who found out that his aircraft has run out of fuel and there is no way he can make it to his destination airfield. The true story is all about his struggle and his reluctance to eject from the aircraft. Finally did he eject out of the cockpit?

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School Girl

12.   The School Girl (A True Story)

This school bus girl stopped a real steam engine train coming at full speed towards her. This is the story  of bravery and the selfless sacrifice of a school bus driver and conductor team who showed exceptional courage in the face of a grave danger to a small school girl who used to travel in their bus. The story has to read to be believed.

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Hero Leader

11.   A New Leader (A True Story)

This true story is about a cadet trying to get a closer look at a female human body sunbathing on the sands with a stupid trick which he did not have the guts to complete. Then a new hero and leader emerges.

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10.  The Barber (A True Story)

The Barber Shop Chair is a true account of each moment from the time the boy reaches the gates of an Academy looking like a hippy and encounters a completely different world inside, where discipline is the order of the day even in a barber shop.

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9.  The Hotel Lift (A True Story)

The Hotel Lift is A True Life Story about a boy who goes from a village to big city for attending a job interview in a huge multi-story hotel. He was a villager who has seen a lift  for the first time in his life. The incidents which follow before and after the village boy gets into the hotel lift is completely amusing.

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8.  Killer Bees (A True Story)

The Killer Honey Bees is a true story about a teenager who had no knowledge that a honey bee swarm can kill a human in no time. He foolishly tried to extract honey and within a few seconds, the bees realised his motives.

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7.  The Train Bogie (A True Story)

One day I came in a train from a place just 2 hours from home along with a friend. What the two of us did not know was that the passengers in one of the bogies in that train were not going to be alive when the train reaches our home station. This is a chilling true story which actually happened in the early eighties.

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6.  Via Bangalore (A True Story)

Via Bangalore House is A True Life Story which happened about thirty years ago, when half a dozen cadets were going from training unit to another via Bangalore. One of the cadets had his house in Bangalore. But he had described his house in such a fashion that the other cadets could not go without stopping over at his house in Bangalore. But the cadet did not want his other cadet friends to come to his house for a reason. What is that secret reason?

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5.  Fired At A Helicopter (A True Story)

A ship fired 30 bullets at my helicopter is a true life story. This real life incident actually happened in the early nineties. In a highly desciplined environment on a War Ship, it is unbelievable that such an incident happened. The ship fired over 30 bullets at my helicopter with me still inside and flying it. What was the damage to my helicopter and how did it happen? Who got Court Martialed? Was I and my passengers injured?

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4.  The Class Guru (A True Story)

I became a Class Guru is A True Life Story that happened when this boy was in his nineth class. He was considered a duffer although he was intelligent and very sincere. But usually he gets only zero in almost all his class tests. Thus he gets a name "Zero Boy". He wanted to change this name and worked hard. Next test he scored one mark in Mathematics and his classmates changed his name to "One Boy". Later in one of the exams he did something different from the rest of his classmates and made all his classmates and his teachers to bow in front of him. This is a great motivational and inspiring true life story.

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3.  The Death Bus (A True Story)

The Death Bus is a True Life Story which happened when I had just started working. There were over fifty passengers in that bus in which I was travelling for work that day. Those days there was complete civil unrest in that area I was working. This gripping true life story is about how all of us in that bus were completely unaware that we were all going to be killed one after the other in just fifteen minutes from that moment.

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2.  The Swing (A True Story)

The Swing is a True Story which happened to a toddler. The three year old boy would go and swing as high as possible to see the Sunset where in the Sun would go down behind a row of houses. He would swing with so much force that the swing would be almost horizontal. But one day someone comes to the park and does something which the boy does not like. And then the toddler makes a wrong move which injures him for life. An injury mark which reminded him the true life story that happened over fifty years ago. A story seen and written from a toddler's eyes. A superior literary story which everyone can relate to their own childhood.

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1.  Missile on Fire (A True Story)

I was taking a bath in the ship's bathroom and suddenly the entire ship shook violently and all the lights bulbs fell down. I was now standing in darkness not aware weather the ship has been struck by a missile or a torpedo. Am I going to sink without any clothes on my body in the ship's bathroom as the ship was going to sink any time with water entering into the ship through the hole made by the missile. This incident happened sometime in the year 2000. An unbelievable true life story.

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