True Story of A Medical Representative Who Cheated Death

Medical Representative Bag

This is a true story written exactly as it happened. It was a hot Sunny day. I hurriedly finished my work for the day and had boarded the bus at 2:45 pm. I was on the bus waiting for my friend who was also working as a Medical Representative to arrive because very often the two of us used to go for work together. We were supposed to go back home by this bus which starts from this small village called Jaitu, at 3:00 pm. This bus goes from this small town called Jaito to Bhatinda, both places being in Punjab state of India.

I did not know that day that I was going to cheat death doing this Medical Representative job which involves going to a doctor well dressed in pants, full sleeve shirt, necktie, and a coat or blazer provided the weather permits. This dress code is enforced because the Medical Representative in an actual sense represents a big and respectable company manufacturing medicines.

The job of the Medical Representative is to take a hard pamphlet with one medicine described on each page with the ingredients in the medicine, its side effect, which disease it cures and its other benefits. Everything is in a picture form, one medicine per page the company makes to aid the doctor to easily remember what medicine for which disease.

It makes the life of the Medical Representative also easy. And all these medicines, pamphlets etc are all placed inside a leather bag you see on top. The medical representative leather bag is his signature. The way a doctor can be identified by the stethescope he puts around the neck, a medical representative can be identified by his dress code and the unique looking medical representative leather bag.

The bus from jaitu was supposed to start at 3:00 pm. I and my friend who is also a medical representative were supposed to go back home in that doomed bus in which every short hair man or all those who are not from Sikh religion were going to die. Probably the names of all those who were going to be killed was already written on that bus in invisible letters by God.

But I was not aware of death waiting in that bus or what was going to happen after about an hour to those who were going to travel in that bus. And I wanted to desperately travel in that bus to go home in time completely aware that I could not cheat death if I stay in that bus. But this true story was going to have new twist. I continued to sit in that bus waiting for my medical representative friend to come so that the two of us could go home together, blissfully unaware of deathing waiting in that bus for me just an hour away. And I had not planned anything to cheat death.

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