A True Life Story of A Ghost in My Cabin Number 129


This is a true life story of a Ghost that lived in my cabin and scared me one afternoon. In fact, the ghost scared my friend Tom so much that he lived in terror for a full six months. Tom could never sleep well at nights because he was scared of the ghost which was supposed to be staying in our cabin.

Tom would be looking at his wrist watch every now and then waiting for the sunrise throughout the night. After sunrise he sleeps off till I wake him up after I use the bathroom. Tom uses the washroom for at least 45 minutes. He would carry a novel into the washroom. Any time we come back to our cabin by day time Tom will go to sleep immediately so that he can keep awake and lookout for the ghost at night.

On holidays and Sundays, Tom sleeps the entire day and will go for movies or sit in the bar till mid night so that he spends the least time with the ghost in the cabin number 129 we stayed. My home was close to where we stayed for the short course we were undergoing. So often I would go home on holidays and Sundays to see my parents, leaving Tom alone in that ghost infested cabin no 129.

Many days later I was told by someone that Tom does not sleep alone in our cabin 129 because he was scared to enter the cabin even by day. When Tom knows I will be leaving for a day, he would pack up and move to another cabin with a course mate. But, I had no problems sleeping in our cabin or staying alone in it by day or night because I have grown up learning from our elders that there is nothing called ghost in this world.

All my views and knowledge about the non-existence of ghosts was shattered in three weeks of moving into this ghost cabin number 129 with tiled roof and the day I saw the real ghost fully alive and bleeding. I actually froze that day for some time with fear. This true life story started with us coming to this small town in southern India for a short professional course after we passed out of the academy.

The moment we reached this place, the two of us went to the Officer's Mess where we wanted to get into a cabin each and sleep off as both of us came in unreserved train compartments and were barely able to sit in those 24 hours of train journey.

When we reached the Officer's mess we both thought we were all now going to be Officers and we will be given individual cabins. But we were in for a surprise when we were given the same cabin number 129. We asked if it is a mistake that both of us have the card to the same cabin and we were told that we are still cadets and we are entitled for single cabins only when we become officers after six more months.

The two of us had no choice but to accept this cabin number 129 and move into that old building with just two rooms without any partition in between them and a single wash room. The building had four walls and a tiled roof which are known to leak heavily during monsoon rains.

This old almost ready to fall down building called cabin number 129 had a true life story of a real ghost living in it which the two of us did not know and no one told us till three weeks later. Unaware of the presense of a ghost in this cabin, I and my friend Tom moved in and started living. And three weeks later a real ghost which was bleeding leaving a trail of blood appeared and all the hell broke lose.

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