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True Story - The Train Approached The School Bus Girl Stuck On Train Tracks

The school bus girl stood there crying at the top of her voice out of pain and also out of fear of the train hitting her as many people around her were shouting that the train is going to het and kill her or cut her leg off. What could a small primary school kid do in such a situation. People around her scaring her even more than consoling her.

The schoo bus conductor and driver were discussing that the train usually slows down as it approaches the road crossing gate near the railway station, probably because the driver knows about the small school children playing the crushing stones game on the railway tracks, with his train and his coal burning steam engine passenger train. The School bus conductor said that he will run along the tracks to stop the train and told the school bus driver to stay with the school girl.

Before he finished discussing things, we could see the train coming around the curve and the school bus conductor ran off towards the direction from where the steam engine passenger train was approaching. The school bus driver stood there with this small school girl telling her that he is going to get her out of danger before the train comes near her.

The driver hugged the small school girl kneeling beside her. The school bus driver told all of us and the crowd there to move away from the train tracks. The onlookers suddenly started moving all the school kids away to safety and told us to turn away in the opposite direction to where the school bus driver and girl stood on the tracks. This true story was taking an ugly turn.

I looked at the train signal beyond the railway crossing and saw that the signal was indicating a green for the train to come to the platform. The little girl was still standing on the tracks with her legs stuck in the rails with the school bus driver. People started panicking as they saw the train approaching from far end.

The only way to stop the train was to change the signal to red. And for that somebody had to run a few hundred yards at a faster speed than the approaching train to reach the railway station and inform the Station Master. Even if someone was to start running at that moment, before he reaches the railway station, this true story would be all over. The steam engine train continued speeding towards this small school girl and there nothing for all of us to do now.

A True Life Story


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