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True Story of A School Bus Girl About To Be Hit By A Train

This true life story of a small shcool girl who takes a ride in our school bus had already begun half an hour ago. The event came to light only about 30 minutes later when an afraid small primary student spilled the bean. This small school girl was playing with her friends on the railway track as they do almost everyday. That day they invented a new game.

On that fateful day, when they were playing this different game on the railway track as there was a train which went past an hour ago. When the train came by these small school bus kids placed stones and coins on the railway track rails which were powdered by the train. They got probably bored of the same game with the train and the train driver. So they decided to play a new game.

The new game was to insert one foot into the gap between the track change-over rails where the track bifurcates before going into the railway station just two hundred yards away from the railway crossing gate. The aim was to mark the place where the tip of the shoe is. Whose ever shoes mark is in the narrowest part of the bifurcation wins. The kids would put their shoes into the gap between the rail and keep pushing it further into the narrow part of the bifurcation and another would mark it.

It was this small school girl’s turn to put her foot in between these pair of rails. As she inserted her  shoes into the gap between the track bifurcating rails, at that exact moment the railway staff changed the track using a mechanical levers from a cabin 200 yards away in the railway station, for the arriving train to come to the platform.

Unfortunately, the small girl had just put her leg in between those rails, when the two rails closed. The school girl's little foot was trapped in between the jammed rails and was almost crushed. She was crying in excruiciating pain and trying to take her foot out. But the foot was jammed and bleeding through her shoes. Her friends ran back to the school bus and sat there without telling anyone out of fear.

As the school bus conductor and the driver counted the number of children in the school bus again and again trying to establish that all the children are onboard before deaprting, all these small primary school kids remained silent and without moving. Probably, the silence and discipline with which the primary schoold kids were sitting when the conductor was counting the number of kids on board, prompted the school bus driver and the conductor to guess that something was really wrong. And that is how this school bus girl was discovered on the railway tracks.

The whistle of the steam engine driving the passenger train was getting louder. The school bus driver and conductor were in panic. They tried to remove the small feet of the primary school girl from the jammed tracks. But she would cry out even more in pain. There was a lot of commotion as many people were giving different instructions on how to get the kids leg out of the train tracks. No one was thinking logically. The true story was dawning on everyone. This small girl is going to be hit by the train and no one was able to think a way to rescue her.

Time was running out for this small school girl and no ideas were coming. Everyone was in panic and behaving in an incoherent manner in the face of impending danger. What we did not know was that two people were going to put their own lives in peril in a few moments, to save this small school girl to prevent the train from hitting her.

A True Life Story


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