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True Story - School Bus Girl Stuck On Train Track

I saw our missing school bus girl standing and crying in pain on the railway track. She had her leg stuck and bleeding in between two rails. Those days we had steam engine trains all over India. There was a steam engine train fast approaching as we all could hear its distinct whistle. If the girl's leg cannot be freed from the rails, she would be hit and killed by the train.

What these small primary class students used to do was to keep small rocks on top all along the rails on both sides of the train track and wait for the train to go over it grinding all the rocks into powder. The train driver would also wave at these small kids. This was the game these kids would play for more than one hour with two trains passing in that time period, till the senior students came back.

We came to know later that these children also bring coins from home to place on top of the railway line. Once the train passes over the coin, the kids find a flat thin metal piece, which becomes a proud possession for them, to be displayed as a trophy for the next few day in the school. The older students often buy ice cream and candies to these small kids who bring them these flattened coins. A true dangerous game indeed. Many school student were also collecting these flattened coins.

Now since there was demand for the coins and candies in return, the small kids would bring more coins from home, to play this game with the steam engine driver and they were actually making this game into asort of business of flattening coins to get some candies from seniors who were encouraging this game. And the result was a small kid now standing on the train track with a stuck leg and a passenger train already arriving at full speed towards her any moment.

A True Life Story


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