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True Story - A School Bus Girl Is Missing

That was a bright and sunny day. The primary school students come out of their classes at about 2:00 pm. But secondary school gets over two hours later. I came at 4:00 pm after class and boarded the bus and that is when this real life true story began. Since the conductor has to account for all the children at the entrance of the army cantonment, the conductor of the school bus counts the number of children in the bus before the bus leaves the school.

And that is when the school bus conductor found out that one child is missing. The bus conductor counted the children once again to reconfirm. Then the conductor went and told the school bus driver who also came inside and started counted. In all the two of them counted the number of children three more times and everytime they found that a child was actually missing from the school bus. The conductor asked the children, who is missing.

But nobody answered. Everyone kept quiet especially the small primary class students. There was a small kid sitting in one corner of the school bus and was sobbing. The conductor went asked the small child why is he crying. The kid meekly stated that they were all playing on the railway track and one girl is still there.

The driver and the conductor knew that children do go and play on the railway line near the railway gate just 200 yards from where the school bus was parked. Immediately, the driver and the conductor ran towards the railway gate. We too got down from the school bus and ran behind them. That is when we saw a large gathering of people about a hundred yards from the railway gate, at the place where the railway line is bifurcating. We all ran and reached there.

We could hardly go through into the crowd to see what had happened. But the conductor and the school bus driver already knew why the crowd was there. They pushed their way into the crowd. The two of them got a shock. There stood the small girl who was missing from their school bus. The true story was turning around back on them. There were people trying to separate the train track. Some people stood and shouted instructions. Some were running here and there not knowing what to do. I stood there frozen to the ground when I saw our school bus girl standing on the railway train track.

A True Life Story


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