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True Story - School Bus And The Cattle Market

After the school bus crosses the central jail and travels seven kilomters more, the school bus would turn right just two hundred meters short of the railway station because the narrow railway station road is a one way traffic lane. Not only that the one way traffic is made for a reason. That road has a cattle selling market. The road stinks of cow dung.

The farmers bring their cows, bufallows and bulls in the previous evening from far off places. They may have travelled by day. The cows are then fed there and they keep spoiling the whole place with cow dung the whole night. By morning, the place is a bio gas plant and going that way any time of the day used to be a nightmare.

A few meters away from the cattle market used to be the vegetable market. I wonder how local people go there and buy vegetables in the morning when the market opens. They actually had no choice. The place used to stink and we were happy that our schoo bus does not have to go that way in the morning. The market closes by 11:00 am. We come by that road on our way back from school in the evening. The sun would have driedup most of the dung and the smell used to be a little less than in the morning.

Normally, every morning, our school bus takes a right turn just short of the cattle market on to the most beautiful road in the entire town of Faridkot in the State of Punjab in India. Even though it was a one way traffic road with all the vehicles coming the opposite direction to our school bus, being an Army truck driven by army personnel and carrying army children, our schoo bus could go past the opposite traffic. Secondly, there used to be no traffic police anywhere that early in the morning.

This road was wide and well maintained because along this road was a row of Jamun trees also called as Syzgium Cumini as its scientific name and hidden behind these Jamun trees was the pure white palace of the Maharaja of Faridkot who was still living in it in those days. Unless you try hard, the palace was not visible.

The reason for the Maharaja's palace being not visible from the road was the low hanging branches of Jamun trees and the high walls around this beautiful huge garden maintained very well. There was not cattle or cattle market smell in the air on that road even though the cattle market was just about two hundred yards away from the palace road. It was a beautiful road even to take a morning walk. The Faridkot administration was taking care of their Maharaja's palace and the road along the palace.

A True Life Story


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