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True Story - The Brave School Bus Conductor And Driver

The brave conductor of our school bus in Army uniform, ran at his full speed along the train tracks towards the speeding train. He was running in the center of the railway track, frantically waving his bare hands in the air indicating the train driver to stop the train. We all hoped and prayed that the train driver sees our school bus conductor and stops the train. Our brave school bus driver, stood there along with the little girl, in between the two rails on which the train was approaching.

School Bus Girl Stopped A Train - A true life story

The girl was crying her heart out due to the severe pain in her crushed foot and also scared of the that speeding black steam engine train coming towards her. The school bus driver was saying kind words to the girl to make her feel confident. He was also shouting at all of us and the people who had gathered there to stay clear of the railway track holding the little girl with one hand and waving his other hand in air, at the approaching train. This was a true story that was too scary to endure.

Most people there started turning away from the school girl and the bus driver standing on the tracks. No one could predict the outcome. Seeing these two Army men in Olive green Army uniforms, risking their own life for a little girl who is not related to them in any way except that this small girl travels in their school bus. Some people who were gathered around there also started running towards the train although after a little delay as they started understanding the grave danger to this school girl and two army men who are going to lose their life with this girl.

This small crowd now running towards the oncoming train seemed to work. The train started whistling continuously probably the train driver was asking the people running along the train track towards the train to move off the tracks. A long train like that was not easy to stop in a short distance. But people continued like mad men to run on the tracks towards the train. I witnessed two brave army men ready to sacrifice their life for a small primary school girl unrelated to them. This is not fiction, but a true life story of bravery unfolding right in front of my own eyes.

A True Life Story


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