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True Story - Train Stops Short Of Hitting The School Girl

The train driver seemed to understand that there is a problem and that is why so many people were running towards the train on the tracks. The train driver started blowing the whistle continuously, but the crowd continued to run towards the train. The train driver immediately applied the brake.

This action of the train driver probably must have been because he was used to looking out for the children playing on the track every day from that distance. The train, finally came to a stop narrowly missing the school bus conductor who was running along the track to stop the train with his bare hands waving in the air.

The train stopped just about 200 yards short of the girl. Immediately the school bus driver who was standing with the school girl until then, ran towards the railway station to get the track-change lever reversed. A few minute later the jammed rails opened freeing the girl's foot. A few people who had gathered around the girl, immediately picked up the little girl and rushed her to the nearest hospital. Everyone forgot about these two army men, the brave school bus condutor and driver.

The bus driver came back and told all of us to get into the bus. The school bus conductor also came and started counting the number of children. The driver started and drove our school bus straight to the Faridkot Medical College Hospital which is on the road to our army cantonment.

About an hour later, the parents of the girl were also in the hospital along with many other parents, who came to the hospital after the news spread. By about 8:00 pm, the school bus left the hospital and we all went back home. I never heard these two brave men one being our school bus conductor and the other being a school bud driver get any award for their bravery.

The next day onwards the bus conductor and driver were driving us to school and back as usual. But now no one ever disobeys these two gentlemen for whom all of us students had started respecting.  This school bus girl did not stop the train. But this school bus girl was the reason for stopping a passenger train on its tracks. This passenger train stopped short of hitting this school girl.

This is a true story not just from my life but it is also a true life story of this small girl who travelled in our bus. If she ever visits this website and reads this true story, I am sure she will contact me.

A True Life Story


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