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True Story - Job Of The Medical Representative

To understand this true story of a medical representative who risked his life during a period when there was civil unrest in the area he was working daily and almost ended up losing his life, one needs to understand the basic job of a medical representative. The job of a medical representative is too simple but highly important. There is much more to this job which a medical representative in three piece suite with a leather bad does to the humanity.

The medical representative is as important to the society as is a doctor. A doctor knows how to diagnose diseases and prescribe medicines as well as carry out surgeries using modern equipment. But did you know it is a medical representative who teaches the doctor on a daily basis? I am sure you did not know. If you know then you can skip this article and scroll down and click on the continue reading button to read the true story.

A doctor gets his degree in MBBS MD etc. But the medicines and equipment he uses are those available at the time he was studying. Once graduated as a doctor and he leaves the college, the doctor has no way of knowing what are the new drugs available from time to time with better treatment possibilities and minimum side effects. It is the medical representative who comes to the doctor and tells the doctor what new medicine has been launched and available in the market in that country.

For a surgeon who does operations in a hospital, the medical representatives will come and appraise him of the latest surgery equipment available in the market, its cost and may give buying offers. The doctor and the hospital now knows what new equipment is available and buys them through the knowledge they gained through the medical representative.

The medical representative will come with some sample medicines and even equipment which the company has given the medical representative to distribute free to the doctors and hospitals. These samples will have it written "Sample" or "Not for Sale" on the sample medicines or equipment the company has sent for testing out or to remind the doctor about the medicine.

The medical representative visits the doctor once a week or once a month regularly and will keep reminding the doctor about the medicines the company of that medical representative makes. Thus the doctor is reminded that for a certain disease a certain medicine is available. Not only that, there are many companies making the same medicine and selling it under different names with different quality standards. So the doctor can decide which medicine for which patient at what cost.

The medical representative travels to many places on a daily basis meeting a few hundred doctors in a month, telling them and reminding them of the medicines for diseases and their side effects. The medical representative also goes to all the chemists and take orders for medicines and will ensure the continued and adequate availability of medicine with the chemist if the doctor is writing that medicine. So it can be said that "A doctor is only as good as the medical representative visiting the doctor."

Have you ever encountered a situation where in a doctor has prescribed the medicine and it is not available with the chemist? Blame the medical representative of that medicine company. Now that you have got an idea about the job of a medical representative, you will enjoy this true story where in I, almost ended up losing life doing the medical representative job.

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