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True Story - Medical Representative Travels In A Virtual Train To Places Without Any Train Tracks

This is another unbelievable true story. I traveled on a virtual train running on a virtual track working as a medical representative in the mid eighties. The medicine company I was working for, used to pay its medical representatives whatever the quarterly expense statement is sent to it. Only the area manager used to be the auditor of this expense statement. So when I sent my first expense statement, my area manager sent it back asking me to correct a few things. 

My senior wrote to me that I need not attack any train or bus tickets with the expense statement. He said that just my signature on it was enough. He told me to include all fares to all places I travelled to be as per quarterly plan sent to the company and the travel expense must be shown as train fares and not bus fares which I as a medical representative is entitled.

I edited the expense statement and resent it to him this time for a slightly more amount than before. But once again my area manager rejected my quartely expense statement and sent it back writing to me to claim First Class train ticket fare to a all places I travelled. I wrote back to him that no railway tracks existed to a few places I used to go and so I can travel only in a bus to those places.

My area manager wrote back to me that my predicessors had been travelling first class by train everywhere and I too have to travel only in first class train tickets to these places. He had also said that I should not ask any more questions and just make the quarterly expense statement and send it to him as instructed. So I had to obey him and ensure that I use a train to all the places.

To some of the places where there was no railway track laid till that day, I had to be travelling on a virtual train running on a virtual railway tracks which my predicessors had laid long ago in his expense statement. I started claiming first class railway fare irrespective of weather I traveled taking an ordinary train ticket or in a bus to all the places I worked.

Some of those first class raiwlay fare was claimed in the quarterly expense statement to places where there no railway track existed. And for the first time in my life I became dishonest, but I was only following instructions of my senior and was not being dishonest. This is a true story which was hard to believe then and even now.

My expense statement had become so big and bloated that it had become bigger than twice my father's army salary. My father had rendered over 26 years of distinguished Army service, even though I was yet to complete my first year and that too was as a trainee, in my job.

This true story was taking a turn. After getting down from the 3:00 pm bus, I was standing in the bus stand waiting for my friend medical representative who failed to arrive on time. I was cursing myself and him in my mind. And that is when I saw a cycle rickshaw entering into the bus stand with my friend medical representative sitting on it and loudly hurling abusive words at the cycle rickshaw driver.

The last phase of this true story had already commenced by the late arrival of my friend and my missing the bus. And I was completely unaware of that. It was going to get a shock of my life reading the next morning newpaper.

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