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True Story of A Medical Representative Salary And Expense Statement

As a medical representative I was entitled to travel in a first class train ticket. Then why was I travelling in a bus? My salary as a medical representative was too less. Now that was because I was a fresher and only small companies take freshers just out of a college as a medical representative. The reason is very simple. The company has to pay very little as salary. It is a true story. On top of that I was a probationer for the first one year where I was paid less than one fourth of what an actual medical representative salary.

The good part was that the medical representative would get a better amount as expense. All I have to do is make a bloated expense statement for the three months and send it to the company and it will come through provided I am able to substantiate with all the expenses like phone, travel tickets, hotel bills etc. I was a fresher and did not know how to make money using the expense statement. Not only that, the quarterly expense statement bills have to be in conformity with the quarerly work plan also.

A medical representative those days had to make and send a work plan for next quarter at least 30 days prior to the commencement of that quarter. My visit to this village (now probably a township) called Jaitu, located about 50 km north of Bhatinda was according to that plan I had sent to my company about three months back.

I was staying in Bhatinda those days as my father who was in the army was posted there. So I never claimed any house rent allowance. I did not have any two wheeler at home so I never claimed any fuel as expense. I used to walk to the bus stand which was five kilometers every day both ways and so never claimed any conveyance of any type. Basically I was an amature in this money making game my friend medical representatives were playing with their quarterly expense statements. This is a true story which sounds unbelievable to me even today.

My expense statement even without any malpractice used to be six times my pay every month month. The company happily paid the entire expense amount I put in the statement. The company paid less pay to prevent money going to the government as tax. The medicine manufacturing company paid the entire amount reflected in the quarterly expense statement so that the medical representative gets the benefit of not paying Income tax if money is paid as expenses.

So the salary of the medical representative used to be deliberately kept low and expense statement used to be super high. It was how the medical representative plays the expense game that made him more money. My first expense statement was far less than my salary. My senior who is the area manager saw my expense statement and he sent it back to me unapproved because, I had put my meager actual expenses which I had incurred in riding cycle rickshaw, bus and some ordinary class train tickets.

I used to walk to most of the places less than five kilometers distance. As per the company rules the medical representative is allowed First Class Railway fare to every place and they never ask if you travelled by First Class Train Ticket. And that is what my area manager found going wrong in my expense statement and he specifically indicated that in the letter he had written to me for correcting.

This is an unbelievable true story and I learned some business tricks of how to make money from the expense statement many times more than my salary. In fact if I knew how to manipulate my expense statement those days till I left that job of a medical representative, then I would have minted money, even if the company was to pay me no salary at all.

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