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True Story - Relationship of A Medical Representative, Medicine And A Doctor

It is a true story of a Medical Representative who cheated death. I used to visit all the doctors in my list at least once a month. If the doctor is important and has a lot of patients who have ailments which will sell the medicines of my company, then I would be more than happy to visit the doctor once a fortnight. For example, I had a medicine called Ranitidine which is used for reducing acid and in the treatment of peptic ulcer or acidity. If the doctor deals with patients with acidity more than others, like a surgeon, I would visit them more often than other doctors who do not prescribe my brand of medicine called Ranitidine.

But before you proceed you must understand that there is a funny relationship between the medical representative and a doctor. Each company has a Medical Representative in each part of the country. Some medicines may be the same compound but sold under different brand names by different companies. Take the example of Ranitidine which is sold in different brand names at different prices.

The doctors are also happy to get some medical representative daily to remind the doctor which medicine for which disease, what are their side effects etc without the doctor needing to take time out and read the books. That means more time devoted in serving the patients than spent on books. But a great doctor whom I respected a lot told me that a good doctor spends at least four hours reading books on his profession everyday before sleeping. It is a ritual because a doctor deals with life and death.

Secondly, the doctor can also give the same medicine with different brand names to different patients for the same ailments, so that the patients don’t feel that the doctor knows only one medicine for all type of diseases. Sometimes the difference between the prices of the same medicine sold under different brand names will be too large.

So the doctor would give a rich man a medicine to treat a disease like peptic ulcer with a high price tag brand of Ranitidine and give the same medicine called Ranitidine to a poor man also having the same disease of another company under another brand name which has low price. It is all business.

If the doctor prescribes a high cost medicine, the poor man will not buy high priced medicine because he does not have so much money. The poor man may buy the medicine for a day or two and then discontinue. Peptic ulcer requires the medicine called Ranitidine to he taken twice a day for at least six months. So the doctor has to prescribe Ranitidine of a lower priced brand to the poor man to ensure that the poor man continues taking the medicine.

If the doctor was to prescribe that same low-cost brand medicine to a rich man then the rich man will have no respect for this doctor who prescribes a low-cost medicine.  The rich man also many not take a low cost medicine and may go to another doctor who may prescribe the same medicine called Ranitidine but of a brand which is costly to buy. Some rich people feel that it is the cost of medicine which they are taking that will cure them and not the doctor who prescribed those medicines to him.

Similarly, a middle class person with Peptic ulcer will be prescribed by the doctor a Ranitidine medicine of a brand which is average in cost to ensure that the middle class person continues with the medicine for the prescribed time period and gets cured. This is a real true story which happens even today.

I have been a medical representative for a long time and know it for sure as many doctors have told this fact to me. Some kind doctors will also give away the sample medicines the medical representatives give the doctor for free to poor people and some bad ones may sell it even though the sample medicines do have a note on them that they are not for sale.

The point is that the medical representative, medicines and doctor has a relationship which is a shocking truth no one knows. The doctor needs the medical representative to come and educate or revise the medicines of a company and tell the doctor all the good and side effects of the medicines. The medical representative need the doctor to ensure that his sales figures in the area the medical representative is workking are high by making the doctors prescribe more of his company medicine brands. If the sales figures dip, the medical representative amy even lose his job.

Similarly, the medicine companies need the medical representatives and the doctors to ensure that the company sales figures and profits grows. It is the medical represenatative who actually helps a patient get the right medicine for the right disease but indirectly.

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