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Pilot Flew Aircraft Away From My Marriage - A True Story

I requested the civilina bearer for tea two more times because my tension was increasing as I was nearing the evening. This was a big hurdle and an ideal recipe for disaster. If the pilots do not wake up even now I am surely going to miss my marriage tomorrow.

The time was past 6:00 pm. Finally, the two pilots woke up washed their face and went for flight briefing. They told me to go and sit in the aircraft. I picked up my suitecase and my walking stick and walked back towards the aircraft.

I boarded the super hot and humid aircraft cabin and sat. Heat and humidity was the least of my problem. My problem was the pilots dealying the takeoff unnecessarily. They were fully aware that I have to reach home before my marriage ceremony starts in the church. I need to get ready for that.

By the time they came and started the aircraft time was already past 7:30 pm. I had not slept yesterday, I have not had breakfast or lunch today and now I am without dinner sitting inside the aircraft. Yet, I was still content that I am finally going to be home late in that night. I can fight hunger for a good reason. My marriage was the highest priority for me at that moment. I had to somehow reach home that night. Otherwise I am not going to marry the next day.

The pilots started the engines one by one and the aircraft was rolling down the runway for takeoff. I sat in the aircraft lost in sweet thoughts about my marriage. I looked out of the aircraft window and saw the moon rise. I was lost in my thoughts for a while.

It was almost full moon rising on the right side of the aircraft. I enjoyed the moony night outside the aircraft window. Suddenly I realised that I am looking out of the right side window of the aircraft and I am seeing the moon which means we are heading north. I panicked. I am a pilot myself. My home and Coimbatore are both in the west. But these airforce pilots were flying the aircraft northwards. Something was seriously wrong.

I unstrapped from my seat and ran to the pilots in the cockpit and looked at the aircraft compass. The aircraft was indeed flying northwards. I stood there for a while thinking that they may turn. An hour went past and the aircraft was still travelling northwards. Something was really wrong.

Finally, not being able to understand what was going on, I asked the pilot shouting over the engine noise, “Sir my home is in Kerala in the west, why are you going north?” I got a reply which surprised me. The pilot shouted back, “We have to do a few night landing practice at Vishakhapatnam air field and after that we will take you home.

I shouted back again, "Sir, my marriage is planned early morning tomorrow. I hardly have any time left. Please turn to Combatore."

The pilot just looked back and smiled at me. I wished and prayed to God that they too some day go through the same situation I was in. If they are married then, they should face the same situation as a father exactly the way my father will feel tomorrow when I do not turn up for my own marriage. This hurdle was too much for me to go across. I did not know what is finally going to happen. I went back and sat on my seat completely helpless.

A True Life Story


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