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No Leave For My Marriage - A True Story

The moment my leave application along with return flight ticket for my wife and I reached my Commanding Officer, he called for me. When I went to him he said, “Mats, tell your father to change your marriage date because you cannot be spared now”.

I did not know how to react to his statement. I sat looking at him blank. I asked myself if that just means no leave for my marriage?

Those days there were no mobiles or even a land line anywhere near my father’s house. The only mode of communication was an Inland Letter through the Post Office. A letter written and posted today will reach my father after ten to twelve days.

And when he posts a reply it also takes around 12 days to reach me as these letters have to come by bus to the nearest railway station to my home town, from where it is put on a train to Chennai from where the letter is put either on a ship which goes once or twice a month to Port Blair and takes three days to reach Port Blair.

If the ship is not there in the next ten days, then the letter travels by flight from Chennai to Port Blair. How was I to inform my father that my Commanding Officer is not able to spare me for my own marriage and that my marriage which was planned months back has to be postponed indefinitely.

A True Life Story


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