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Missing My Own Marriage Was Inevitable - A True Story

Am I really not going to make it to my marriage? Will I finally marry this girl or is God planning someone else for her. Missing my own marriage was inevitable if a miracle does not happen to save me. That night I could hardly sleep. If I cannot leave Port Blair by morning tomorrow, then I am going to miss my own marriage. Is this true life story or fiction?

I kept wriggling in my bed unable to close my eyes even for a minute. I was scared that if I sleep off then I may wake up late in the morning. Waking up late means missing the only flight the next day by 100%. If go to the airport I may have some chance of boarding the flight.

An hour past midnight, I remembered that I have not packed my stuff to go to the airport in the morning. I had bought a three piece suite stitched for myself a week back. I had spent one months pay on that suite and I did not even remember that it is still hanging on the cloth hanger.

I got up and packed the three piece suite and the neck tie nicely into the new suitecase which was also bought a few days back. Where was the brand new brown colored leather Shoes which I had bought two days back spending half my monthly salary? I tried to remember where did I keep it. I found it under my bed. That too was packed into the suitecase.

I finished packing the rest of my essential items into the suitecase and lay back on bed, but I could not sleep. It was  about 4:00 am and I got up from my bed. I did not know what to do. So got ready to go home for getting married which on that morning felt highly impossible to happen. It was hard to believe if this is happening in my real life or a story.

A True Life Story


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