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I Missed Flight To My Marriage - A True Story

I was so restless in my cabin, that I went to the airport at 5:00 am, with my small suitecase and a wooden walking stick which I had bought for my old father a few days ago. I tried my best to get my flight ticket confirmed talking to all the airport staff who were trying to set up their work places before the passengers throng the airport lounges.

I was only to travel just a little more than a thousand kilometers across the sea. But there were far too many tourists who had started reaching the airport and standing in line who were also wait listed. Some these tourists had to go to the other side of the earth where they lived. They had all come on holidays to see the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in India. Fortunately for them, none of them was going to get married the next day like me.

I went to the airport authorities who had already taken their seats and tried to convince them. But how will they know what it is like, to be stuck in Port Blair or any island, with no way to go home with a marriage planned to happen in under 24 hours. Unless someone goes through what I was going through, they won’t understand the stress I was under at that time. I could not blame anyone.

The flight landed and a lot of passengers disembarked. I tried my luck again. I tried to talk to the pilot. I thought since I was a naval pilot, he would at least listen to me and take me in to his flight. May be he could accomodate me in the cockpit as his guest. I was ready to travel even the bathroom if there is no seat available in the aircraft passenger cabin.

I was desperate to take that flight, but nothing worked. The flight took off from the runway as planned. I stood there for a while frozen in time and lost in my thoughts after I missed my flight to my marriage, completely blank with no idea what to do. I was stranded 2000 kilometers away from the small church in my hometown where my marriage is going to happen the next day. I am going to be missing in my own marriage was almost a true statement.

That is when I remembered that there is an Airforce Aircraft in a few days where I had put my name but then the previous day itself I had found out that the manifest does not have my name. That means I am not going to be allowed to board that airforce flight either. But I walked off to my unit a kilometer away where the airforce flight is scheduled to land and embark passengers.

A True Life Story


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