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My Marriage Leave Granted - A True Story

As I sat gloomy in front of my Commanding Officer trying to get my leave granted for my marriage, I happened to remember my meeting with the Admiral and giving him my marriage invitation card.

I answered my Commanding Officer, “Sir, it is not possible to change the marriage date because there is no way I can inform my father because my marriage is to happen the day after, all planning has been done at my home and how do I tell my father to inform the girl’s parents living a hundred kilometers away because both houses do not have any phones at home or nearby. And I have also invited the Admiral and sought his blessings for getting married”. I kept quite after that waiting for his answer.

My Commanding Officer also went silent for a while. I further said, “Sir as you had written on my leave application form, I have cut off 56 days from my 60 days leave to just six days and I have also attached two flight tickets from Chennai to Port Blair for myself and my would be wife.”

He looked at me and genuinely my sorrowful face for a while. He did not say anything further and approved my leave application for my marriage. The first hurdle of this true life story was overcome at that moment. I had one more hurdle to cross which I knew for sure existed which was to cross the ocean to the main land. I had to use either a ship or an aircraft. There was no time for travelling in a ship which would take four days to cross the Bay of Bengal. But a flight was an option as it takes only about two hours to cross the few hundred kilometers by air.

How was I going to cross 1200 kilometers over the Bay of Bengal Ocean? I had a flight ticket where I am the passenger waiting list number 541 and my name was missing in the passenger manifest of the Air Force aircraft, both leaving the day after which is a Sunday, to Chennai. The flight to Chennai after that is another three days later and Air Force aircraft is only next week. What am I going to do to attend my own marriage?

A True Life Story


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