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I Was Going To Be Married - A True Story

As we reached the airforce aircraft, I climbed the filghts leading into the aircraft. The airforce guy standing at the aircraft door asked me my name and started looking into the manifest he had in his hand ticking off the paper with a pencil who all have boarded the aircraft.

The pilot told him, “He is my friend.” The airman smiled and kept the manifest list aside. He took me into the aircraft and gave me a good seat in the forward end of the aircraft. Miracles do happen after all. Finally, I was going to get married tomorrow morning, thanks to this airforce pilot. I started feeling that my Marriage was becoming a reality. The true story was yet to unfold to surprise me.

I thought this true life story was ending. What I did not know is that with this flight, my life's true story was just beginning. There were many more hurdles linedup. But I sat in that aircraft happy unaware of the dangers that were trying to stop my marriage, awaiting ahead of me in time.

The aircraft flew for about four or five hours slowly as it was an old Avro and landed at an Air Force base near Chennai. The pilot who had let me board the aircraft, came and shook hands with me once again to congratulate me on my marriage and departed. He told me to stay in the aircraft because the next set of crew is flying back to Coimbatore which is just half the distance to my home from Chennai which is the capital city of Tamilnadu state in India.

I was very happy to hear that. Because I can reduce my train journey by half and even board a bus which will take me home from Coimbatore in just four hours. That means I can reach home that very night itself. That was a whole 12 hours or more before my marriage. I was now the happiest man on earth.

My father had a lot of faith in me that I will make it in time for to marry as planned. He has served in the Army and knows what defense life is all about. He was fully aware of the hardship in getting leave granted in the services. So I was not worried about my parents. But my relatives might not understand if I go missing in my own marriage.

But I was very worried about the girl’s parents. How would they have react if I were not to reach in time for my marriage? All that is history now. I am going to be a day earlier home than I thought I would reach. I waited for the next set of pilots to board and fly the Airforce aircraft to the city called Coimbatore which is just four hours from my home by bus.

But I did not know that my next hurdle was going to be the this new set of pilot of this airforce aircraft. They were going to take me for a ride of my life. Completely unaware of this fact, I sat there thinking about my marriage plans.

A True Life Story


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