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To Be Married in a Few Hours- A True Life Story

We landed at Coimbatore past 2:00 am. The airfield is far away from the nearest bus station and the railway station. At 2:00 am there won’t be any bus plying on the roads. I was the lone passenger in the Avro aircraft. So there was no vehicle arranged for me there. Only a vehicle came to take the pilots. They forgot or ignored me and went away. I stood alone in the aircraft in that dark night holding my suitcase and walking stick.

I got down from the aircraft and started walking towards the main gate of the Air Force station. It took me about 25 minutes walk to reach there. I asked the men guarding the airforce station gate, if there is a bus which stops near that gate to go to the bus or railway station?

The old guard asked me what the hurry was to take a bus immediately at 2:30 am and why I cannot wait till day break. I said, “It is my marriage in seven hours from now at a place about 200 kilometers away from there.

The old man seemed to be more understanding than I expected. He stopped a van going that way which was transporting troops to the check post and said something to the driver. The driver came running and picked up my bag and ran towards the van. I ran behind him to get my bag back from him. I thought the man is robbing me at night.

The man threw my bag into the van and told me to get in to the driver's cabin quickly. He was the driver of that vehicle and I was surprised to see the speed at which he was driving that small vehicle as if it was an ambulance carrying a patient about to die.

In about 20 minutes, I was in a bus station. He seemed to be happier than me to see me board a bus going to my home town. As the bus at 3:00 am to my hometown started moving, I saw the smiling face of the driver waving to me and saluting me. I saluted him back with full respect and gratitude, standing up inside the bus.

I  was hoping to be married in a few hours. This time the hope was strong. I had already started thanking God who seems to have been awake that night and was actually helping me overcome one hurdle after the other. At least he had ensured that the aircraft did not go unserviceable in Vishakhapatnam and did not fail to start its engine.

He also ensured no aircraft emergencies during the flight to Coimbatore and even ensured a Vehicle to drop me to the bus station in 20 minutes flat and ensure that I board the 3:00 am bus to my home town. How could I not thank God for all that who was ensuring that I get married in a few hours. Once again I my hope to be married in a few hours was becoming a reality.

A True Life Story


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