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I Can't Miss My Own Marriage - A True Story

As the propellors of the airforce aircraft stopped, the door of the aircraft opened and passengers started getting down the ladder. I mutely stood there with my small suitcase in one hand and my walking stick in my other hand and watched them go and those who were waiting to board the aircraft, climb the stairs into the aircraft.

I could only wish that I was also one of those boarding this airforce flight to the mainland. Then, I did not have to miss my own marriage. Now I can't make it to my marriage once this airforce aircraft also take off leaving me stranded on this island 2000 kilometers away from home.

After everyone had climbed into the aircraft, I saw one pilot come down the stair and walk straight towards where I was standing. He seemed to be looking at me. A ray of hope lit up in my mind. I can't miss my marriage. I need to talk to this pilot if I have to board this plane and reach home in time for my marriage.

But by the time I took to decide to talk to that pilot, who Wing Commander by rank, he walked past me without even noticing my presence there. As he passed by me, my head and body automatically turned in his direction. I saw him disappear into the toilet. I wanted to talk to him, but did not know how to start. I was not sure if he will ever understand me.

I continued to look in the direction the pilot went and I do not know why. Probably this was my last hope of flying to mainland India. After a few minutes the pilot came out and walked past me towards his aircraft in as much ignorance of my presence as the way he had walked towards the toilet. And this time too I failed to open mouth and speak to him. I had failed myself. Something inside me was preventing me from saying my mind out to him. Probably, it was my false pride.

I stood motionless looking at my last hope of being married going away from me. That is when a sort of miracle started happening. The pilot who was walking briskly towards the aircraft suddenly stopped and then turned back towards me and started walking back towards me with a smile on his face. Did he read my mind? Is he going to take me home? My heart started racing.

A True Life Story


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