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Hurdle To My Marriage - A true Life Story

There was a big hurdle to my marriage. I noticed that in my leave application form for 60 days, the numeral zero of the leave duration 60 has been cut off. I asked my senior, who confirmed that the Commanding Officer has said that I have to return back to Port Blair within six days of my proceeding on leave, because there is a severe shortage of pilots in the unit.

I did not know what to do. This was a big hurdle to my marriage. There are only two flights going from Port Blair to the main land which I can take in a week. There is also an Air Force plane which goes once a week to Chennai airport in mainland India. I did not have much say.

I went and booked two tickets for coming back with my wife from Chennai to Port Blair which were confirmed. But my ticket to Chennai was waiting list 541. I knew, I could never board that flight. So went and got my name included into the passenger manifest of the Air Force aircraft where the chance of getting a seat was equally bleak as mostly the airforce aircraft was meant for Air Force people and senior Naval Officers if there is any seat still left.

The way this true life story was developing, was giving me shudders because the chances of getting into a flight were less than one in a million and I was most likely going to miss attending my own marriage planned two days later which happens to be a Sunday.

A True Life Story


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