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Finally, I Got Married - A True Life Story

The 3:00 am bus went fairly fast because at night the roads were almost empty. I had to change two more buses and finally I reached two hours before my marriage ceremony was to start in a church in a small place called Kunnamkulam in the district of Trichur, in the State of Kerala, India. I had enough time to present the walking stick to my father after reaching home. He was so happy to see me arrive first and then to get a walking stick he always wanted.

I had enough time to get my three piece suite pressed myself because on a Sunday there were no shops open. I even polished my new shoes and got them so shiny that I could use it for a mirror. I still had spare time to get a refreshing bath and change. Two hours was a long time. I crossed the ocean and came 2000 kilometers in under 20 hours at a time when it was almost impossible to do. God was kind and miracles do happen in real life.

I finally made it just in time to attend my own marriage. I do not know who all should I be thanking for that moment and who all should I be cursing for all the moments before that.

Three decades later, my father still uses that same walking stick I presented him.

I still live with the same girl I married thirty years back. We have two beautiful kids who are now grown up and about to get married. And the best part is that we are happily married ever since that day. We have grown old. But I have never forgotten the episode. Unfortunately, no one believes this true life story. Believe it or not, this true life story actually happened.

A few days back, when I was about to finish writing this story, I asked my wife, "Were you not worried that I have not reached till 8:00 am just two hours to go for our marriage?"

Her reply was, "You were unreliable since that time. We had plans to go back if you were not going to be home in next 30 minutes."

I felt very relaxed hearing her answer. I never knew I had a full thirty minutes extra in hand that day to make it home and I was unnecessarily under tension of missing my own marriage.

A True Life Story


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