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I Was Engaged To Be Married - A True Life Story

This true life story had started sometime in Dec 1993 when I had gone home on leave. My parents suddenly thought of getting me married and I went with my parents visiting the house of the girl who was to be my wife, to see her. I liked her and there was no time wasted.

I was engaged to be married to this girl just a day after Christmas as I had to go back in a couple of days back to Port Blair where my unit was. The engagement ceremony was held in her home town. And it was decided that the marriage will be in my home town a hundred kilometers north of her home.

The true life story actually started when my father sent me a few invitation cards at my request to my unit in Port Blair where I was posted those days. I went to a few important people and friends and gave them the invitation card. One of the dignitaries I gave my marriage invitation card and took blessings, was the Admiral who is the boss of the entire Islands.

I had put up my leave application for 60 days which is the maximum leave I am entitled for the full year. But when I went to check up if my leave has been approved, I saw a note attached to it which said, “Tell the individual to put a return flight ticket for himself and his to-be-wife back to Port Blair.

A True Life Story

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