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An Air Force Aircraft To My Marriage - A True Life Story

I reached my unit after a fifteen minute walk across the runway. They allow crossing the runway by walk since the next flight is only a couple of hours later. The Air Force aircraft I was expecting and hoping to take me to my marriage, was an old Avro which actually comes to Port Blair and also hops other islands with provisions.

On its way back it carries people who were manifested by the Air Force authorities. I searched for name in the passenger manifest list on the notice board. My name was missing. That was my last hope of going home to get married. No one other than God could help me. Or a miracle has to happen now, for me to be transported or time travel to my home town by some means.

My sleep deprived brain was not working properly with these events confusing me further. As I stood there looking at the notice board, with my bag in one hand and the walking stick in the other hand, I heard the propeller sound of the Avro which landed behind me. I turned and was the Avro aircraft touch down on the runway.

The sound of the aircraft did not excite me to see this aircraft as it usually does, being a pilot myself, because I am not going to be on it today on its way to Chennai over the sea. I continued to stand motionless for a long time till the Avro came and switched off in front on the tarmac. I saw people whose name perhaps was there in the list.

A True Life Story


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