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Airforce Pilots Fell Asleep. I Will Miss My Marriage - A True Story

An hour passed and there was no pilot who came to the aircraft. There were some airforce men who were cleaning the aircraft and servicing the aircraft for the next flight. A fewl bowser came and refuelled the aircraft. Everything was over and everyone went away except one or two airforce men who probably were standing there as security.

I waited for another hour. Time now was around 4:00 pm. But no pilot appeared. I got out of the aircraft which was now unusually hot in the afternoon sun and since there was no air conditioning switched on, I could not bear the heat. So I came out of the aircraft with my suitecase and walking stick in hand.

I walked towards the aircraft hangars a few hundred meters away with my bag and stick. I thought it better to go and board a train before it is too late. If I miss the one or two trains in the evening from Chennai, I will not be able to make it to my marriage on time tomorrow.

I aimlessly wandered towards the aircraft hangar and entered it. There were some half open aircraft of different types under maintenance. As I looked around, I saw a pilot’s crew room board hanging outside one of the rooms there.

I went inside and found a few pilots sleeping. I thought I will wait there for a while till these pilots wake up. I found a Sofa and sat on the sofa. A civilian bearer came in and offered me some tea. Airforce still uses civilians for such jobs. I sipped my tea and was lost in confusing thoughts as to whether I should stay and take this free airforce flight to Coimbatore or take a train directly to my hometown. Both will take the same time if I decide now.

That is when one of the pilot woke up and saw me. He asked, “Are you the guy getting married tomorrow?”

I said, “Yes Sir”.

The sleepy pilot, a Squadron Leader by rank said, “OK, just relax, we will take off in some time.” And he started sleeping again.

I was now confused again. But I thought it is still better to stay since I have got a confirmation that the airforce aircraft is going to Coimbatore. So I decided to take the free flight to Coimbatore than sitting in an unreserved train compartment for ten hours, all the way home.

I did not know that, it was one of the most foolish decisions I have ever made in my life. This hurdle was going to cost me a lot of time and most likely going to ensure that I am not going to reach on time for my marriage.  The civilian bearer brough in a ew cups of tea because he had the seen pilots were awake. But since the pilots fell back asleep, he offered it to me. Anyway. I sat there blissfully unaware of what was in store for me that evening, enjoying the second tea the civilian bearer was kind enough to ofer me.

A True Life Story


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