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About to Miss Attending My Own Marriage - A True Life Story

Less than 24 hours were left for my marriage ceremony to start in a small Church at my hometown and I am still stuck in the Capital town called Port Blair, in the Andaman And Nicobar Islands of India, situated deep inside the Bay of Bengal Ocean with no way of reaching my home about 2000 kilometers away. Out of this only 800 kilometers is land and remaining is all water.

To reach home I have to first cross 1200 kilometers over the ocean to reach main land India. Then I have to take a train for over 800 kilometers to reach the railway station near my home. From there I have to take a bus and travel about 26 kilometers. It doesn't end there. I have to walk the last kilometer sweating like a pig to reach home. My  home being close to the sea is very humid and has a sultry climate throughout the year. Not much heat nor any appreciable cold. It is pleasant weather all the time.

I was ready to walk even the entire 2000 kilometers if I had the time necessary for the walk back home. I did not know what to do. I did could not manage a flight ticket as the airlines had over 500 in the waiting list for the two weekly flights.

There are Two flights to Chennai which is a city in Tamil Nadu state about 800 km closer to my home and two flights to Kolkata which is at about 2500 kilometers distance from my home as it is in the state of West Bengal. I was even ready to go to Kolkata if I could a confirmed flight ticket. At least I would be on the mainland and can take another flight from there to an airport closer my hometown. It was all a wishful thinking. God was planning something different for me all the while.

A True Life Story


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