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A Walking Stick Saves My Marriage - A True Story

The airforce aircraft pilot continued walking towards me. I thought that like last time he is going to the toilet. He might have forgotten something. But this pilot came straight to me and touched the walking stick in my hand and asked. “Lovely walking stick. Where did you buy it? How much does it cost?” He did not ask anything about my marriage I was goint to miss tomorrow if I do not take this flight.

My heart sank again. This pilot did not come to me or ask me anything. He is fascinated with the walking stick I had bought for my father. I told him without any excitement, “Sir I bought this walking stick for my father. That is all the present he wanted me to bring him on my marriage tomorrow. But it looks like I can’t make it to my own marriage. You can have the walking stick. It is worthless to me now.”

The pilot exclaimed, “What, it is your marriage tomorrow? Congratulations to you young man. You will be presenting this beautiful walking stick to your father tomorrow and getting married too.”

I meekly said, “Sir, my name is not there in the passenger manifest of your aircraft on this notice board.”

The pilot continued, “Forget the manifest. Come with me”. He took the walking stick from me and used it to walk till the aircraft. He handed over the walking stick back to me and said, “When you get back after marriage, please buy and keep a walking stick like that for me. I will take it from you on one of the trips next month to Port Blair.”

He allowed me to board his aircraft before him. Finally I was going home. I am not getting stranded on this island 2000 kilometers from home. I was going to marry that girl tomorrow. A Walking Stick has saved my marriage. I was so happy. When I was buying that walking stick, I had never thought that walking stick will become my boarding pass into this flight across the ocean from this island in an airforce aircraft. Married because of a Walking Stick, it is so funny to even think.

But what I did not know is that the true life story was not ending here with this flight over the sea. But the true story was just beginning to unfold. But I was happy that I have overcome the biggest hurdle to my marriage posing a threat at that moment. Life had a few more hurdles for me to cross and waiting. Anyway I walked a happy man towards the aircraft behind this airforce pilot.

A True Life Story


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