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12 Hours To Marriage But I Was 24 Hours Away From Church - A True Story

The pilots continued to fly that airforce aircraft in the northerly direction and was praying got to make the pilots fly south west towards my hometown. God probably did not listen to my prayers probably because he already had some plan for me. I helplessly watched the moon through the right hand side window of this airforce plane flying in the sky.

Then I saw the runway as the aircraft started descending. The pilot finished their night landings at Vishakhapatnam airfield and then went into the airfield dispersal for refueling. They switched off the aircraft. I saw the fuel bowser waiting to refuel the aircraft on the dispersal as the aircraft came in.

My heart sank again. Now there was no way I can get home from the double the distance from Chennai. A train will take over 24 hours to reach my home in Kerala from Vishakhapatnam. There was no way I was going to reach and get married on time tomorrow.

I was surely going to miss my own marriage if this aircraft engines don’t startup after refueling and servicing is done. I kept thinking how come I am going from sad to happy and happy to sad state so frequently in just one day which is the day prior to my own marriage when I should have been only happy throughout the day.

If I do not make it to my own marriage, what happens to the girl and her family? Will they pardon me, my parents and relatives? Will they let me marry her later on? Or is my marriage cancelled forever? I had so many questions I could not find answers putting their head up inside me and putting my head down in shame.

The pilots were getting off the airforce aircraft and they called me to accompany me. I ignored them. I was supposed to Marry in a small church in less than 12 hours and these airforce pilots have taken me to a place 24 hours away from my marriage. There was absolutely no way I was going to make it to my marriage now.

At 10:00 pm the Avro aircraft started up again and we were taxying to the runway. I was not very sure now if I can make it home in time for my marriage. The aircraft will take four hours to reach Coimbatore airfield. So I will be able to get out of this doomed aircraft only at 2:00 am. There was no way I can take a bus at that time in the night and reach home in good time to get ready and attend my marriage.

By the time I reach, most likely the bride and her parents and relatives may all have gone back. What use is it going home now. But there was nothing for me to do except leave everything to fate and the God to fix it up for me.

The aircraft got airborne from the runway. But I did not want to know where the aircraft was heading. It did not matter anymore. I was doomed. The aircraft will not reach the Coimbatore airfield before midnight in any case. I was not going to get married tomorrow. I was sad. I just sat holding my bowed head in my hands. I lost track of time.

A True Life Story


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