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True Story - Tom And The French Woman

The nine of us had vacated the restaurant and were standing outside in the hot sun waiting for Tom, who took another half an hour before he came back to us completely happy and smiling. But Tom was sad from inside. We asked if the french lady had called him over somewhere. Tom said in sad voice, “No pal, she said she had a son close to my age and was talking only about that idiot son she had. I could have left her. But you guys will mock at me. So I was forced to listen to all that woman was blabbering about her son.”

We all stood dumb stuck looking at Tom. We were all thinking that Tom was havng a great time with a french woman. But after hearing Tom one of us asked him, "Then what were you talking to her all this while. We saw both you and the french lady talking very seriously."

Tom said, "Pal, the french woman was narrating the entire true life story of her boy from his childhood through his school and college days. I did not have much choice. So I was asking her about her husband and home. She told me about her home and dog. But the french woman did not say one word about her husband who seems to have abandoned her."

Then Kaps said, "I told you this french woman was useless. She destroyed my reputation and now Tom was her second victim."

Tom did not like that and said, "Pal, there are somethings this french woman told me. That is absolutely personal. She is going to visit Kochi next. So when we reach Kochi the day after, I am going to look her up in the back waters of Koch. I am so excited, man." Everyone went silent after hearing that from Tom.

In our morning episode inside the restaurant we had forgotten to look outside the hotel. We had missed a lot of action happening outside on the beach in those two hours spend drinking tea after tea for no reason except to hold on to the restaurant chairs. Kaps was absolutely right. All along the beach there were foreigners lying in one row as far as the eyes could see.

Now this was something we had not expected to see. A new true story was about to happen that was going to make and destroy somebody's reputation. We walked along the beach without wasting anymore time to feast on what we had really come to the calangute beach on that Sunday morning all the way from the academy.

A True Life Story


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