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True Story - The French Lady Falls in Love

Tom is a fan and a thick friend of Kaps. Since both these people are after girls anywhere we go, we had asked Tom to try his luck with a French lady. Tom has a face anyone would love. We were sure girls would love Top if he was as smart and confident as Kaps. Promptly, Tom without saying anything, went and pulled the chair next to the French lady. A different True Story was going to unfold.

Tom had a pleasant baby face. The moment Tom sat, the french lady looked at him and smiled. In no time the two of them struck a cord and the french lady kept her novel down. Tom seemed to have a good time with the French lady. Tom and the french lady kept talking continuously. We tried to read their lips as we had a side view of both Tom and the french lady turned towards each other.

As Tom was busy with the french lady, the restaurant owner will come and tell us if we can vacate the chairs, so that more foreigners could come and sit boosting the hotel business. So five of us would order a tea to extend the time holding on to the chairs. Fifteen minutes later the restaurant owner would come again asking us to leave when we would order a tea for the remaining five of us.

We had three tea each by the time we finally had no more money to spare for tea without eating into our bus fare back to the Academy, which is two hours away by bus and there was no way could we walk sixty kilometers. Reaching the academy late means losing the next morning train reservation and getting punished for reaching late to the academy. Getting ED on the last day means we are doomed.

We vacated the resaturant all walked out because we could not afford any more tea or else we would all have to walk to the academy as we would have run out of money. We waited for Tom to come out of the restaurant after his interaction with the french lady. He made us wait for a long time. After about half an hour Tom came out calm and smiling. But we did not know Tom had a sad story to tell us. When we heard his sad true story Tom had to say after he came back from the french lady, we could not stop laughing for a long time.

A True Life Story


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