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True Story - Sunday Morning Marathon At The Academy

This is a true story of the Marathon on every Sunday. When I joined the academy at Goa as a cadet,  the first and second Sundays was peaceful and enjoyable. We never knew that a Marathon was going to happen every Sunday morning after those two Sundays, for as long as we were going to stay in the academy. The marathon run on Sunday morning starts at 6:00 am and was a big demoralizer to us through out the academy days. All my life I used to sleep till 8:00 am on Sundays. And my Sunday life was going to change soon.

In the academy, on normal days we have to wake up at 5:30 am. But on Sundays we have to be up and about at 4:30 am to be at the parade ground at 5:30 am, from where the Marathon run starts. We are called in one early for a reason. This one hour is used by the instructors to ensure that each of us have come for the run and they check this by name.

If any cadet is found missing then a sailor instructor is sent to the barracks to get the cadet to the parade ground by force and additional punishments would also be given. The only difference in a cadet who comes on his own for the Sunday marathon and a cadet who keeps sleeping or tries to miss the marathon is, that the guy who is caught missing will end up hopping, front rolling, running on one leg, stand with both hands and one leg up in air or whatever else that instructor sailor orders him to do. These punishments starts from the barrack till the Marathon starting point. This is a true story and everyone else will wait to see this fun.

And after doing this circus the cadet may have already lost half his energy. Running Marathon for that cadet becomes a torture. Once the new cadets who joined the academy sees what happens if a cadet misses the Sunday morning marathon, he will not dare to sleep on Saturday night out of fear of over sleeping and missing the Sunday morning marathon and then going through these punishments in front of the whole academy.

A True Life Story


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