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True Story - A New Leader in Auto Rickshaw

The true story in the academy continued to unfold. As we walked down the hill merrily after leaving the academy gates behind as the marathon began, cadet nick named Kaps who was our leader for the day, suggested that we will go to .calangute beach. Kaps was such a talented guy, that he created and acted in a full ten minute skit, including script, dialogues and direction, a few days back at the Academy, with all ten of us Aviation Cadets participating in it during our farewell ceremony at night. We thought Kaps was emerging as a leader. We were convinced that he is a born leader and we all need to learn leadership skills from him.

The skit was a super hit in the academy and everyone in the academy remembered and talked about the skit days after we did it. And this made Kaps emerged as our leader immediately after that skit. He in fact had earned respect from the entire academy with that skit. Now when Kaps our leader, announced that we are going to the .calangute Beach, he got all of us excited as he mentioned it was a beach where foreign people roam around without wearing anything those days. Police was not strict in those days as they are today. Kaps our leader did not leave any stone unturned to ensure that we followed all his whims and fancies.

This beach decision actually established Kaps as our leader and his leadership qualities were known in our team of ten now walking down the hill for our first outing at Goa, after a few months of living like captives inside the academy except for our Sunday morning marathons. Kaps was not a very good runner, so never got any exposure till then and we never knew his qualities as a leader or his leadership abilities.

We were actually going to take a bus. But Kaps, our leader decided that we should take two auto rickshaws instead of a bus as it does not befit us to go in a bus as we were all supposed to be training to become officers in a year. An auto rickshaw is basically covered three wheeler, with a scooter engine fitted behind and it could take three people sitting in the single row of seat behind the auto driver.

The drive from the academy to the .calangute beach was going to cost us a lot. Secondly, there were five of us in each auto rickshaw which could take only three passengers in addition to the driver. So there were four of us in the rear seat meant for three and the fifth cadet was sharing seat with the auto rickshaw driver sitting in front.

The auto rickshaw ride was so uncomfortable that the moment the next bus stop stop came, Kaps our leader who was sharing the seat with the auto rickshaw driver, stopped both the auto rickshaws. We had to pay the auto rickshaw drivers a ransome because we had lured them with a big money for a long two hours ride and now we were cutting our drive in the auto rickshaw short. And then we waited for a bus which came by in a few minutes.

The drive to .calangute beach was picturesque and we enjoyed the two hour bus ride. Writing about this bus ride is beyond the scope of this true story. There was much more excitement awaiting us in the .calangute beach waiting to unfold in this true story. We were not yet even thinking about what was in store for us after this two hours of bus ride.


A True Life Story


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