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True Story - Leadership Fails to Impress A French Lady

Sitting in that deserted beach restaurant, our talks about our home and family etc had all stopped the moment our leader went and sat next to the French lady. We had a true life story happening in front of us so why bother about old stories. We were all silent and contemplating what is going to happen next.

But nothing much happened. The french lady just sta there and our great leader sat there not even able to look at her or start a conversation for a few minutes. The french lady had crushed whatever pride our leader had in him. Finally, he asked her something which we could not hear. And the french lady replied and continued to read the novel. He sat there for a little more time and came back because the french lady showed no interest in him. The French lady shattered all the leadership and communication skills of Kaps our leader. His leadership failed on a French lady miserably.

We did not want to ridicule Kaps or question his leadership because it was a lady deciding if she liked him or not. An hour or so later the foreign tourists both men and women who wore nothing, started coming into the restaurant and have breakfast there. It was a good sight for ten guys in their early twenties. Most of us were embarrassed even to look in the direction they were entering the restaurant. But including Kaps we had three carefree guys amongst the ten of us, who had no shame or embarrassment of any sort keeping their eyes pinned on what their eyes wanted to see. Then we coaxed another of Kaps frined to go and have a go at the French lady. His name was Tom. The true story was still going strong and we waited for his reply.

A True Life Story


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