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True Story - Leadership Crushed By A KeyChain

Fortunately or unfortunately, the keychain had landed high up in between a pair of legs of sunbathing lady, who did not even have a single thread on her. The true story started revealing. Kaps had thrown his keychain to have a look a the people sunbathng without clothes. But the only problem was that she had two bodybuilder male friends, lying on her either sides. At that moment we did not know that this true story was going to end with a New Hero and Leader emerging in a minute or two with better leadership and confidence.

Anyone trying to pick up the lost key chain, will surely have to face her bodybuilder friends. Even all ten of us combined were no match to either her Humpty or her Dumpty lying next to her. Kaps says in Hindi language, "Yar, thoda jaldi chalo." Which means friends lets walk fast out of this place.

AJ asked Kaps, "Why, you don't want your keychain? How will you open your steel box, after we get back to the academy?"

Kaps said, "I will break the lock to open my steel box. For God’s sake, let us walk fast and get out of here".

A few naughty ones encouraged, "Kaps, opportunities don't come again and again. Go and get your keychain."

After all Kaps was our leader and we were expecting some leadership display from him. But Kaps was so embarrassed at the proposal that, he just wanted to run away from there somehow or the other. We did not know that Kaps who could write, direct and act in a play over night giving all ten of us a role in the academy was such a shy character in real life. Here Kaps was, with a keychain that crushed his leadership completely. A small keychain could crush leadership miserably was a new theory to us.

AJ said, "Kaps, come on, don't say you are shy or afraid. You have to fetch your keychain. Prove you are a man, OK."

Kaps our smart leader, threw the challenge back at AJ and said in Hindi Language, "Dum hai to ja, tu le ke aa mera keychain" which means, if you dare, then you go and bring my key chain back. Here was real true story of a new leader and a hero, about to emerge.

A True Life Story


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