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True Story - Key Chain And People Without Clothes

They wore absolutely nothing on their body. This is a true story. All these people without colthes lay facing up at the sun with their eyes closed, bathing in the sun shine. After Tom told his mother son true story which happened between him and the french woman, all ten of us left the restaurant and started walking along the beach. We were trying to feast on the endless sight before us along the beach. All were tourists from foreign countries.

And a few meters behind these men and women without wearing anything, there were dozens of Indian families in full cloths from head to toe, giggling away which only they knew about what. These fully dressed females were completely embarrassed even to look at these sun bathing foreigners. They would turn their heads for a moment towards the foreigners and then immediately turn away in another direction and start smiling and laughing.

The ten of us walked along the beach in a single row enjoying the cloth free scenery. Kaps had his key chain in his hand which he was rotating slowly. We did not know why did he take out the key chain and why was he rotating with a sinister look on his face. But we were all too innocent to know the trick Kaps was planning with his key chain. After all he was our leader till that moment even though his leadership was crushed by a french lady a few minutes back in a deserted restaurant on that beach.

Kaps being on the rightmost end, could have the closest view of what we all wanted to see. AJ was on the opposite end of the line closer to the sea and the rest of us were all in between. All of us were trying hard to look at the people without clothes sun bathing, as if we were inspecting a ceremonial parade. But we were too emarassed to look at them directly. Our the leadership and confidence in all of us except the three namely AJ, Tom and Kaps were gone with the wind.

Other than Kaps on the wrong end of the line, nobody else had trouble looking to their right. We all were smartly talking to Kaps who was walking on our right side, so that we all can have a good view of the beach beauties. But Kaps had to look left towards us and the sea to talk to us.

But Kaps was a super smart guy. Kaps realized this mistake of being on the wrong side of the line the moment we had started walking on the beach and wanted to fix this error long ago itself. We came near a beautiful woman with two bodybuilder men on her sides. All three people without clothes were sun bathing with their eyes closed and all limbs spread out. This was what Kaps was looking for all this while with his key chain rotating on his finger.

As we came closer to these three people without clothes lying on the beach, Kaps started rotating his keychain very fast and casually threw it to his right. That was the start of a new true story. Kaps had not thought how he was going to retrieve his key chain which had the keys of his trunk lying in the academy barracks.

Kaps had thought that he had achieved his aim because the Key chain landed in between the legs of the woman and she had two body builders on her sides. Kaps wanted to go and have a closer look at on of three people without clothes lying in the center. But by throwing the keychain, Kaps had actually landed up in big problem. Kaps was now scared to go and get his key chain back because the key chain was too close to what he wanted to see. Putting a hand there to pick it up means getting bashed up by her two body builder people without clothes. A true story was just about to begin and all of us became alert to the situation. Kaps started sweating.

A True Life Story


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