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True Story - French Lady And A Leader

The French lady was too busy reading her book. She was probably reading a fiction novel and certainly not a true story as she was too engrossed even to see the restaurant waiter come and stand next to her twice to take her order. The French lady was now our center of attraction. Ten pair of eyes were not even blinking whilst looking at her.

The sad part was that the french lady had her back towards us. Probably the French lady had sat on a chair facing the sea shore or was a deliberate attempt to avoid us stare at her. I was sure the French lady was used to Indians looking at her as if they were hungry and looking at some good food at lunch time. This was our time. We were going to have some leadership fun.

One of said, "Hey Kaps, you keep telling us stories of your stories with older ladies before you joined the academy. Why don't you just go and start a conversaion with this French lady. We would like to see you in action. This is also your chance to establish your pride lost today on the calangute beach in this empty resaturant."

The leadership thing stuck. Kaps moved. We knew Kaps was going to attempt to recover his lost pride. We waited silently. We were all happy sitting in the restaurant where as in the Academy we would have been spending the whole day spending energy and we were sitting here watching a French lady wasting time and playing leadership games.

The entire morning till lunch in the academy is dedicated only for physical exercises, gun firing, drills, swimming, rope climbing etc. All the class room lectures were conducted in the afternoon till evening 5:00 pm followed by games for an hour with a tea break in between. The day in academy is completely tiring. So most cadets are caught sleeping during the class room lectures and invariably they end up with more punishments called ED or Extra Duty in which the erring cadets are made to run around the perimeter wall of the academy upto seven times.

During the ED run we have to collect tokens from each and every security sentries posted all along the four kilometer long route. Some guys end up with half a dozen ED a day and end up running a distance of over two marathons a day. There is no time set for the ED, so one can walk or run the distance. Only the tokens have to match the number of security post each time. One can take the entire night missing dinner to complete the complete set of ED awarded during the day.

Each perimeter round used to be four kilometers. After seven ED the cadet is almost dead. That is why ED is given in the academy only at night. The whole aim of an ED used to be to prevent people from making mistakes and be disciplined. The discipline was forgotten the French lady walked into the restaurant. She was not bothered about us. But we were only bothered about her. She wore a single piece dress and was topless. But that was of no use to ten pairs of eyes because she had her back towards us.

Kaps the great leader with great leadership got up from his chair and reluctantly walked towards the french lady sitting just two meters from us. The great leader did not look confident. But Kaps tried to conceal it. He smiled at us and walked up to the French lady. He stood there for sometime. Then he pulled a chair next to the French lady and sat down. The true story of a great leader was starting to unfold.

A True Life Story


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