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True Story - The Empty Calangute Beach Restaurant In Goa

The bus reached the ten of us to nearest bus station to the Calangute beach. We had to take another bus from there to the Calangute beach in Goa. We reached the beach early morning by around 8:00 am. The beach looked completely deserted and all the excitement we had was gone in a few seconds of the sight of a deserted calangute beach. Everyone cursed Kaps our great leader with the best leadership skills as someone had praised him just before we came out of the academy gates. Kaps did not know what to say and where to look.

We started walking in one file beside each other, as if we were doing morning walk on the Calangute beach for over a kilometer. We were not very keen on continuing to walk. Our leader sensed the frustration and lead us into a small hut like restaurant somewhere in the beginning of the long Calangute beach, which was still being cleaned up. In fact, we had passed many such small huts enroute during our kilometer long walk. And those days Calangute beach in Goa was full of such small huts working as restaurants.

We asked the waiter cleaning up the tables, if it was a holiday for the calangute beach. The hotel guy said that tourists come only by around 11:00 am after a lazy breakfast in their own hotels. They just come to sun bath and may just have lunch. Most business in the calangute beach happens at night when they take a few drinks and some dinner.

We sat on one of the round tables in the restaurant. After an hour or so the waiter took some orders from us and with whatever money we could find in all our pockets, we had a decent breakfast and tea still keeping aside the bus fare to go back from calangute beach to the academy.

We were sad that we were not getting to see some female beings without wearing anything which was the biggest excitement this so called leader had made us believe. And here we were sitting in an empty restaurant with not even a couple of dressed up people in an empty calangute beach. Kaps looed gloomy as we all looked at him with a look of redicule at his great leadership. He too could feel it in our eyes, but he said nothing except look away.

Getting back to academy before sunset was important and calangute beach being over two hours away we had to start at least three hours before sunset. The other reason was that we had to pack our stuff as we were supposed to be taking a train from Goa to Kochi early morning, the next day.

We sat in that empty calangute restaurant for almost two hours talking about our academy life and cursing all our seniors and instructors who humiliate us and don’t let us sleep peacefully even for a couple of hours a day. For us getting physical punishments were not an issue at all because we were all used to punishments in those few months in the academy. It was lack of sleep which was our biggest problem in the Academy.

A completely demoralised set of ten cadets sat talking rubbish in an empty restaurant and in an empty sea shore or beach called calangute beach. We had already spent over three hours cursing their own leader and his useless leadership every five minutes. We had hardly any money to spend at the calangute beach after the breakfast we paid for. We were totally fed up with whatever had happened in those three hours that we were all bored and ready to go somewhere else rather than spend our valuable last Sunday on that empty calangute beach.

And that was when we saw a french woman in two piece walk into that restaurant. She came and sat on the table next to our table. She opened a book and started reading.

A True Life Story


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