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True Story of Cadets Dressed to Impress Go To Goa

That Sunday we did not have to run the 8.5 kilometer marathon. It is a true story for the ten cadets including me. We were in all ten Aviation Cadets out of the four hundred odd Cadets in the Academy. We have joined as Aviation Cadets which means we will be going to enjoy flying aircraft with in just six months of joining after the basic Orientation training at this Academy. The rest three hundred and ninety of them will have a tough time in the ships at sea.

Ten cadets, dressed to impress the Goa ladies went out of the academy gate at 6:00 am, walking past the entire lot of Cadets of the Academy, lined up at the start point for the Sunday marathon. We wanted all of them to envy us. We never wanted to come back to the academy again, where we were allowed to sleep less than 2 hours a day by our senior cadets. We were put through so much physical exercises and unwanted routines at night that we were dead tired by 2:00 am when the seniors in the academy leave us alone.

But in two hours it is time to wake up again. If we do not get up in time then we would be late everywhere because water comes only for a few minutes in the bath rooms. The seniors wake up and take a bath inside the overhead water tanks. That means all those who reach the bathroom after the seniors will have to brush and take a bath with dirty soap water coming from the over head water tanks of the building which the seniors have used like bath tubs. No one wanted to wake up in three hours after sleeping at 2:00 am.

And when we sleep in class because our bodies were dying for sleep, we were awarded more punishments by the instructors right in the class like standing on our hands with our legs up on the Window. Some could sleep even in that position. That was not ragging. But our seniors and instructors would make us believe that we need to endure everything to make us rugged and sharp to be able to survive a tough life we would be facing in a ship thrown around by the huge Ocean waves, like a paper ball in a storm. They were making us tough guys ready for fighting a war the moment we graduate as Officers.

So we were all happy to go out of that academy at the earliest. We were leaving the academy for good tomorrow. But today too we are leaving the academy gates in the morning dressed to impress all the ladies we are going to meet in the towns and beaches of Goa. It was hard to believe that it was a true story that we were finally going out to Goa that day eventhough we have to return before sunset.

We looked at the hundreds of cadets who had started running past us as we walked through the academy gates. We were free. We could go anywhere in Goa and do anything. We had not yet planned what to do and where to go. But just leaving the academy gates behind in the impressive dress and short haircut gave us the confidence to do anything we wanted.

We walked the road down the hill to the bus stop a few hundred meters away completely happy and intoxicated in our new found freedom which was going to last a full day. But if we reach back after sunset there will instructors waiting to punish us the worst way. So the only planning we did was that we will be back inside the academy gates before the sun goes down.

A True Life Story


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