True Story - A New Hero And A New Leader

The moment Kaps threw the challenge to AJ, a surprising true story happened. To everyone's surprise, without a second thought, AJ breaks the line, walks confidently up to the lady lying barefoot till her forehead and loudly says, "Excuse Me Please". This was a true story scene we could have never expected in our wildest dreams for AJ to be the hero who was going to replace Kaps as our leader.

The AJ bends down, picks up the keychain and then walks back as confidently as he had walked up there. Neither the lady nor the two body builders sunbathing next to her say or do anything. The lady who was probably intelligent enough to understand what was going on amongst the ten of us, seemed to be playing along with the ten us for a few minutes purely for fun.

Probably the lady knew everything that was going on and yet opened her eyes as AJ said excuse me and picked up the key chain. She just smiled at our friend AJ as he was bending down to pick up the chain I did see her eyes following AJ's actions. And neither of her body builder friends ever opened their eyes throughout this episode.

AJ came and gave the keychain to Kaps and said, "Are you happy now?”

We all stopped walking and stood speechless for a few seconds. Without any formal announcement, from that very moment, Cadet AJ became our new hero and leader. We had a new Leader taking over the command from Kaps, at that very moment. The rest of the day was eventless.

We discussed all that had happened as we took a bus back to the academy from where this true story had started. It was just about a minute pas sunset when we reached the academy gates and thus were spared the punishment for entering past sunset by the Officer of the Day as we told him that we are leaving the academy the next day to Kochi and we need to pack our stuff.

At night as we were packing all our stuff into the steel boxes, I saw Kaps our leader who has lost his leadership on the beach with a sad face. Then I looked at AJ who had become our new hero and leader with his newly discovered leadership qualities with a cheerful face. Then I looked at my friend Tom. Tom had an excitment clearly visible on his face and his actions. After all he was going to meet the same french lady we met on the calangute beach of Goa that day, once again after we reach Kochi as she is going to fly down there. This is a true story written exactly as it happened in the late eighties.

A True Life Story


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