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True Story - I Was Thrombolised To Treat My Heart Attack

In the ICU I was put on a stretcher for Thrombolysis. My uniform was removed and I had to wear a hospital dress. A nurse came and took my blood. I asked if all is normal. The nurse said all is well. I asked what test is it and the nurse said it was Troponin test. A few minutes later I asked the nurse did I pass my Troponin test. She said the result is negative.

The nurse told me that Troponin test is negative which means that I am not having any heart attack. I felt happy. But in a few seconds the nurse came back and put a canola on my left hand and the nurse injected something.

Then came the cardiologist a few seconds later with a large syringe full of some medicine. The cardiologist injected that whole thing into my veins through the canola. The Cardiologist stood there watching me. After every three to five minutes the cardiologist would ask me if my chest pain has reduced. I would casually tell him, there is no pain, just a discomfort which is still there and I need a pain killer.

The cardiologist never said anything to me. But every three minutes he would me ask me if the pain has subsided. He was hoping for my heart attack to go away with the thrombolisis he did to me. The thrombolisis medicine he injected into me from that huge syringe was supposed to dissolve any clot in my coronary artery that may be causing me heart attack pain.

After about thirty minutes I felt the discomfort has reduced and I told him so. He seemed to be relieved a little. But in no time the pain was back with full force. Another fifteen minutes went past and he kept on asking me about the pain.

Although the discomfort reduced a little from the pain before, it was still there confirming my view that it is a muscle pain. If it was a heart attack being caused by a clot in my coronary artery, then it should have dissolved away. So I was two hundred percent confident that I was not having any heart attack but just a muscle pain. I was happy and relaxed.

Then I asked the Cardiologist as to why is he asking me so frequently about the pain. He said that he had injected a medicine for Thrombolysis to happen or to dissolve the block. If the block goes away then my pain will too.

Since the pain is still there, he said that it is an indication that the block in the Artery is still there. According to the cardiologist I was still having a heart attack. But according to me I was having just a muscle pain due to the exercises I did the last two days with a pair of heavy dumbells. I was happy, but my cardiologist was worried and he started his actions to send me to a civil hospital because no heart operation was possible in this hospital I was being treated.

A True Life Story


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