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True Story - I Reach Hospital With Heart Attack

In just one hour the ambulance driver had reached me to the heart attack care hospital like a fighter pilot. The Ambulance reached the Civil Hospital at 1:45 hrs. I was shifted in the mobile stretcher into the Emergency casualty ward where cardiologist was expected to arrive.

Within one minute of arrival, I was surrounded by some eight doctors who I was told later were all those who were undergoing their Masters degree in Cardiology or trainee cardiologists. These doctors started asking me a barrage of questions. I did not even get time to answer all of them.

I said to these trainee cardiologists, "Dear doctors, if so many cardiologists or doctors come in and surround a poor patient, then the patient is surely going to have a heart attack right here even if he has come for some other ailment."

Hearing me they all laughed. I asked the student cardiologists, "Which one of you is going to operate on me?"

One of the student cardiologist replied, "None of us will be operating you. The head cardiologist will be coming any moment. He will tell you."

Within five minutes of my reaching there the head cardiologist came and introduced himself to me and told me that he will operate me in a few minutes. He looked me up, asked me a few questions like do I still have pain to which I replied in affirmative. Then the cardiologist told the nurse something and left.

Immediately one of the nurse pulled my trousers down and a barber standingby cleaned my groin of all hair. It was very embarassing situation for me in public. But with a heart attack going on in my heart I did not have much of choice to say no to anything.

 Then the young naval doctor who accompanied me in the Ambulance gave all my medical documents and explained whatever treatment they had done to me till that moment. The young doctor and the two medical assistants went back in the Ambulance. But the commotion around me was increasing with about four female nurses and a barber joining the crowd.

The barber finished cleaning up my skin of hair on my right thigh till the knee and was about to start with my left thigh, when the nurses told the barber to get aside, she pulled my trousers up and the four nurses started pushing my four feet tall mobile stretcher very fast. I was actually enjoying the attention and ride. In about a minute I was in the cardiac operation theatre. I had reached the best hospital in the town for treating my heart attack.

I could not see my wife who was probably doing the patient incoming routines and paying money at the counters. She knew I was having a heart attack and I was at the verge of death. But I never thought about having a heart attack. I was confident that I have only a silly muscle pain which the cardiologist is soon going to find out and discharge me home. But the true story was still going on and I was yet to get the surprise of my life.


A True Life Story


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