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True Story - Post Heart Attack Angiography Pain

Five hours after my angioplasty I came back to my senses in about half an hour and I found myself in the cardiac ICU. The nurse told me to keep my back and legs straight for the next five hours. Five hours passed. There was no pain now. I was happy. But I did not know that five minutes later I was going to be put through severe pain after my heart attack operation.

Three very young nurses will came in. As usual one of the nurses pulled my pants down and the three of them were trying to remove the two tubes left behind by the doctor after my angioplasty operation. The head nurse was putting her entire body weight using her thumb on the exact place where the cut was made on my right thigh.

The nurse was trying to prevent blood from gushing out of that cut artery in my right thigh. The pain was so much that I felt she is going to detach one or the other tendon or muscle from the bone. I told the nurse to be a little less harsh on me. The nurse smiled and said that it was the biggest artery and if not kept pressed all my blood could gush out of it in about a minute or two. I did not say anything more. My clothless feeling was nothing compared to the pain this nurse was inflicting on my thigh.

The nurses removed the tube and they put a cotton ball and very tightly secured it with a heavy duty medical tape. The pain was continuously there. I thought this true story was all over. But that is when the three of them started working the procedure on my left thigh. The pain was double now. I endured the whole lot of it clenching my teeth. The pain I endured in the Operation Theatre momentarily was nothing compared to this pain five hours after the operation.

Next morning the same three nurses reappeared smiling. This time they came in to remove the cotton ball they had placed on each thigh the previous evening. This was not painful. But I was completely scared due to the previous evening's painful procedure these nurses did on me. What the nurses were doing was for my good. I just happened to live again after a heart attack thanks to the nurses and doctors in that hospital. I had no right to crib about some small pain.

The next day I was out of the hospital with medicines to last one year and restrictions placed on what to eat, how much to eat, what not to eat, what exercises, how much exercise daily, no weight to be lifted, no exertions of any sort including when in the toilet and the list was endless. I never knew my life would change so much in just one day.

Before I left the hospital the head cardiologist visited me in ICU. The cardiologist asked me, "How are you feeling today?"

I replied, "I feel alive doctor. I did not know I was having a heart attack. I came here laughing all the way in the ambulance thinking that I was having a muscle pain in the chest because of the vigorous exercises I had done two days before with my heavy dumbells and that the doctors are all going overboard saying that I was having a heart attack."

The cardiologist smiled and said, "Son, you said you started feeling this pain at 4:00 am in the morning. With this much of a block you should not have lived for more than a couple of hours. It is the cardiologist in your hospital who thrombolised you gave you enough time for you reach here. You survived till 2:00 pm. That is a full ten hours."

The cardiologist continued after a pause, "Probably your belief that you have a muscle pain in the chest and not a heart attack chest pain is what kept you alive. You were happy and laughing at doctors. Had you once felt that you are having a heart attack, you were unlikely to be alive now."

I believed what the cardiologist said. It is a true life story for which I have only three people to thank for my being alive today. The first is my wife who insisted on going to hospital. Had she not insisted, I would have gone to my office and died in my chair.

The second is the cardiologist who just was in time probably sent there by God himself to a hospital which does not have any cardiology department. And the third is God who made my wife realise I have a heart attack, the cardiologist who took my ECG seriously even when I was saying I have a muscle pain and the ambulance driver who did a great job in getting me to this hospital for treating me.

A True Life Story


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