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True Story of My Heart Attack Angioplasty

As my angiography progressed in the cardiac operation theatre, the cardiologist told me that I have three blocks. The cardiologist showed me on the screen all three blocks. Two blocks were small and cannot be fixed. The thrid block was 95% and a stent can be put to remove the narrowed coronary artery. The cardiologist said he was going ahead with angioplasty.

I was dazed. Al this while I was very strongly believing that I have a muscle pain and not a heart attack. I was shocked to see an artery where the dye came but was not going beyond a point which was almost completely blocked. I was scared to see it. But I was too drowsy to do anything or even think logically.

The cardiologist said that in this angioplasty only the big blockrequires a stent to be put and the other two being at the ends will be dissolved by medicine in the next few months. Then he told me that there are many stents available at very low price to very expensive ones. The cardiologist said further that he was using a medium priced but good quality stent in my heart where the artery is blocked. The sedation mask was still on my nose and it was taking effect and I was not able to say anything in reply to the cardiologist.

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This is a True Life Story. Till the time the Cardiologist showed me on the screen that one of my Coronary Artery is Blocked and the Dye is not going beyond a certain point physically, I was strongly believing that I was having a muscle pain which was induced by the vigorous dumbbel exercise I had done the previous two days.

A minute later on the computer screen, I saw a small cucumber shaped balloon being moved by the cardiologist into the place using the wire reinserted into my heart through the incision in my left thigh. The balloon came to where the block was and then it inflated to push the plaque away towads the blood vessel walls. I was witnessing my own angioplasty being done live.

Then I saw the stent which looked more like a tubular wire net being placed in that same spot where the big block in my coronary artery which was causing my heart attack. Then I saw the cardiologist insert the balloon once again, but this time inside the wire net stent and inflates the balloon again. The balloon expands adn it alwo expands the stent wire net along with it. Then the tube, the wire, the balloon and everything else were pulled out by the cardiologist.

The doctor told me that he is leaving the 3 mm in diameter, thick six inch long tubes in my left and right thighs for the next five hours and they will be only removed thereafter to prevent blood loss. That is the procedure. In less than fifteen minutes of having arrived in the heart attack care hospital, I was out of the operation theatre after my angioplasty and went into the cardiac Intensive Care Unit.

This is a true story and I was still in my sedated state unable to speak. I was feeling pain but could not express it to anyone thanks to the sedation. But the pain was bearable. But I was happy that the operation was over and my heart attack does not exist any more. What I did not know was that I was still in danger. And the danger to my heart was now life long.

I lay in the cardiac Intensive Care Unit bed blissfully unaware of the change I need to make in my lifestyle if I have to prevent another heart attack after an angioplasty, which will happen in a few days if I do not take care. They did not allow me to see my wife or use my mobile phone in the ICU which was my biggest problem.

A True Life Story


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