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True Story of My Heart Attack Angiography

The sedation through the mask in addition to the local anesthesia did not do anything good to me. I was fully awake during my heart operation. After making the second incision on my left thigh, the cardiologist inserted a tube first. I did not see him do it but the cardiologist was doing a running commentry to me as he was alone with me. Somehow all the student cardiologists, assistants and nurses had run off to attend some other casualities that arrived in that hospital. The cardiologist said he has commenced my heart angiography.

I was fully awake and seeing the computer screen on which probably the X-Ray the machine was showing everything in black and white. I saw a tube being inserted along the wire and the wire being pushed into it up from my thigh all the way to into my heart. Then, the cardiologist  started pushing a tube around the wire which also went all the way into my heart. At that time I did not know that this operation which was being done on me was called angiography.

Then the cardiologist plled the wire out and started introducing some radio opaque dye through that tube, which I could see being pumped by my heart in each artery where ever the doctor was taking the tube into. I was blissfully unaware that I was still going through a heart attack since 4:00 am that morning and had survived over ten hours by then.

The X-Ray screen showed all the coronary arteries so clearly where the dye was passing through. But it lasts less than a second when the blood flows due to heart pumping. So the picture was like a flashing series of photos which only a cardiologist could make out. I was just about to make a shocking discovery in a moment from now. But I was unaware of this true story till the cardiologist showed it to me during this angiography.

A True Life Story


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