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True Story - Heart Attack Rough Ambulance Ride

They managed to lift me into this old ambulance to take me to the heart attack care hospital for treatment. The driver started driving the ambulance even before the medical assistants could close the ambulance doors. The ambulance was old and had a problem. To close its doors completely, someone has to push the doors hard from outside.

The first speed breaker came within the first hundred meters. But the driver went over it at high speed and the ambulance jumped up detaching the latch of the doors. Immediately after that there was a sharp turn. The moment the ambulance turned to go over a bridge, the doors opened out. But the ambulance kept speeding up the bridge. This is a true story hard to believe.

As the ambulance started going down slope, there was anothe speed breaker. The driver applied a little brake and the doors swung back. The medical assistants caught the doors but they could not latch it as it requires a push from outside. So they held on to the door till we reached the heart attack treating hospital.

After a few more speed breakers my stretcher detached from the ambulance floor. Now every time the driver pressed the brake or accelerated, my stretcher and I would go forward or backward by around one foot and stop suddenly hitting the limit stopper bar on the either ends.

After a few more speed breakers the ambulance ran over at breakneck speed, my intra venous saline bottle detached from the hook on top and fell down. One medical assistant tried to take the saline bottle and put it back on the hook above fell down himself. Trying to save him, the young doctor hit his head on the door of an overhead cupboard which opened. And as the medical assistant fell down he had left holding the door and that door swung out. They waited for the next breaking by the driver for the door to come back.

As the ambulance was rolling, pitching, yawing and heaving, I casually asked the young doctor sitting tense next to me, “Hey doctor, what if all this rough ambulance ride dislodges my coronary artery block and my heart attack disappears before we reach the hospital?'

I waited for his reaction which did not come. So I continued, "What will you tell the Cardiologist there if they do not find the block in my heart once we reach there?”

The doctor forgot his tension and we all had a good laugh. Whatever happened inside the ambulance, neither the young doctor, nor the driver stopped the ambulance even once between the two hospitals. They knew the urgency and my near death situation. And that day, I too had started realizing the importance of time between life and death. I also have started respecting the ambulance on the road when I see one and honestly move off its path. The true story was still unfolding on me.

A True Life Story


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