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True Story - I Get A Heart Attack Pain Symptom Again

The day before my impending heart attack, I drove my car and went to office. As I climbed the stairs to my office in the first floor, I got my second heart attack pain symptom once again, exactly like the running feeling I had experienced the previous evening when I went for a walk. I was climbing stairs as usual slowly using only my right leg. As I reached the first floor, the burning sensation in my upper part of chest and throat increased.

I rested for a minute or two on the corridor. The pain did not subside. So, I slowly walked to my office to avoid the discomfort increasing and sat on my chair. Around ten minutes later the discomfort went away. I did not realise it because someone came to talk to me.

I thought for a while as to what was caused the discomfort. I never even thought of this pain and discomfort as a heart attack pain warning my heart was giving. That is when I remembered exercising my hands vigorously with a pair of two kilogram steel dumbbells on the forty fifth day of no exercise after my knee injury, which was just the previous day.

That just means that I had some chest muscles injured which may be causing some pain. I was still not contemplating it as a heart attack pain warning. So there was nothing to worry. Exercising with dumbbells did not trigger any discomfort in the throat. I forgot about the whole discomfort that morning exactly as I had  ignored the heart attack symptom or pain warning I had got the previous evening when I had gone for walk and had to wait in the church compound for it to subside.

This was the second day and I had a second heart attack pain symptom which I took as a muscle pain. I still had no explanation for my burning sensation in the throat. That evening I reached home from office and my wife said, let us go for a walk. But I said, I did not want to walk as it was already dark. I did not tell her about the second heart attack pain symptom I had that day in the morning on climbing the stairs.

Since I could not do any exercise, I took my seven and a half kilogram pair of dumbbells and exercised for about half an hour watching the TV that evening. No discomfort came doing that forty minutes of exercise with that heavy pair of dumbells. I was completely unaware that my heart attack was just waiting to happen in a few hours.

I did not even remember about the previous evening discomfort in my throat which was my first heart attack pain symptom during the walk and I conveniently forgot my second heart attack pain symptom which came after climbing to the first floor to my office that very morning. And as usual I went to sleep past 11:00 pm, as if everything was normal. I was going to wake up with a real heart attack any moment that night.

A True Life Story


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