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True Story - My Heart Attack Operation Starts

The four nurses pushed my mobile stretcher at full speed and in no time I was inside the Operation Theatre which had Cardiac OT written outside. The same nurse who had pulled my trousers up in the Casualty ward, now pulled my trousers and undergarment completely off after telling me not to feel bad as it was a procedure before heart operation.

Then the nurse removed my T-Shirt and I was there lying in my birthday suite, shivering with the cold air from the air-conditioning system hitting me. The nurse told me that she will hand over all my dress to my wife who is outside the operation theatre. Then another nurse pulled a blanket over me and I thanked her for protecting me from cold air. Actually in my mind I was thanking her for protecting my dignity.

And then all of them suddenly vanished from the cardiac operation theatre leaving me alone there, wondering what next. A minute later, the head cardiologist came in with his smiling face. The head cardiologist told me that he will be making a cut on my right thigh, inserting a wire and a tube to put a dye which will show on the computer screen where is the coronary artery blocked in my heart.

I did not have any choice to say no, so nodded my head in agreement. The the cardiologist said that he is giving me some small injection or local anesthesia on my right thigh. Then he placed a screen between him and me, so that I cannot see him using those knives, wires, needles etc. I was also happy, because I did not want to see myself being butchered.

Thirty seconds later he said he is going to make a cut to insert a wire. I waited. Since he had given local anesthesia, I was not going to feel any pain. But the moment he made an incision on my right thigh, my body jerked in pain. He warned me that if I move, the knife or the wire might wound me and he will have to stop the operation. So I told him the pain was excruciating when he made the cut.

The head cardiologist said that I am not supposed to be feeling the pain after the local anesthesia injection. He did not understand what went wrong. He was all alone. So he went out leaving me alone inside the operation theatre for almost two minutes. Then he came with another student cardiologist who gave me some sedation through my breath with a mask.

Then the cardiologist started putting a tube into the incision he had made on my right thigh. But the pain became unbearable and screamed. The cardiologist stopped for a while and then told me that my right leg incision could not be used now for some reason. He gave another injection of anesthesia on my left thigh and said he was going to make a cut there. I did not feel any pain.

Both my thighs were now cut to insert a wire that will go all the way into my heart. My heart attack operation had started. It was a true life story and I was living through it. The shocking revelation was just about to hit me.

A True Life Story


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