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True Story - I Was Having A Heart Attack at 4:00 AM

This is the true story of my Heart Attack which happeded at 4:00 am. I woke at 4:00 am to relieve myself and that is when I first felt that there is a type of typical pain in the center of my chest on top of the Sternum. I felt as if someone was holding a coin and pressing it hard on my chest. I felt it was a sort of muscle pain.

I was relating my heart attack to a muscle pain due to the heavy dumbell exercise I had done the previous evening. I never thougth I could be going through a heart attack. I tried to sleep. But sleep evaded me. The discomfort was too much to get a sleep or even lie still. I tried rolling over my chest, sideways etc. But the heart attack was causing me too much of discomfort. I kept thinking it is only a muscle pain.

I tried to find my pulse and was amazed that I had no pulse running. But my mind said that I am sleepy at 4:00 am and that is why I am not able to find my pulse. I never knew that one of the symptoms of a heart attack is that there will be no pulse as the heart is hardly pumping. I sat up, walked around a bit and then came back and lay on the bed again. But nothing was subsiding the heart attack pain which I was very sure was a muscle pain because it was not subsiding. I was just trying to pass time in that grave condition instead of going to a hospital.

The heart attack pain was making my life very difficult. I woke up and sat on my computer for a while. I could not bear the discomfort so I went out for a while, took my phone and fiddled around with it for a while, tried to talk to my children and what not. Finally, I went and took a bath and got dressed to go to my office. I was never thinking about this unbearable pain as a heart attack despite having gone through it for over 4:00 hours.

It was 8:00 am and the discomfort had not changed a bit since I woke up at 4:00 am. I had nothing else to do except bear the pain. I was trying to convince myself, that it is only a muscle pain due to my vigorous exercise with the two kilogram dumbbells the two days back and the seven and a half kilogram dumbbells the previous evening.

Normally, muscle pain lasts a day or two. Even though I had never experienced a muscle pain on the center of my chest till that day, I still was confident that I can bear the discomfort for two days. After I took a bath, I changed into my uniform and was going to start my car when my wife suddenly told me to wait. I thought to myself, that if the pain stays for another three or four hours then I will go to the doctor and get some pain killer for my muscle pain by about 12:00 pm just before lunch. I was not aware that I was having a heart attack since 4:00 am.

I sat in the car wondering why my wife wanted to come with me. She got dressed and got into the car in less than two minutes and said that we need to go to the hospital. When I asked why, she said that I am doing everything unusually slow and looked ill. That is when I realized that she is trying to take me to the hospital. Neither my wife, nor I were thinking that I was having a heart attack at that time.

A True Life Story


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